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A big thank you to all those people who made our full 2 hour show in The Bedford, London, such an amazing event!  A good time was had by everyone, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  You can read a full review of the show over at the Wrinkly Rockers Club website.

Special thanks go to Carola Baer for her contribution as backing singer for the show, and her outstanding solo set.  For anyone who deosn’t know Carola, she fronts her own project as Ruby Dawn, and she kindly joined us to provide some extra showbiz to the whole We’re All In This Together set.  Also thanks goes to John Hunt, who’s acoustic solo work is not only brilliant, but clever and thoughtlful.  Other special mentions go to our good friend Chris Parkins over at London Prog Gigs, who has been instrumental helping bands get the word out.  We highly recomend giving him a follow over on Facebook!

The band is now back to finishing our new (reissue) album. Next up is the Resurrection day festival on Sunday June 12th at The Hub in Hampton Court, tickets available here!


Hello everyone! We’re very pleased to announce a one off full length multi media show at The Bedford in Balham on Sunday May the 8th 2022. The show will be comprised of 2 sets. Set one will feature the We’re All In This Together album in it’s entirety. Set 2 will comprise of older material and some rareties. Please note that this is an afternoon show. Tickets can be purchased here: There will be food served in the venue itself all afternoon and we totally recommend you eating with us. We’re also pleased to have Carola Baer and Jon Hunt as opening acts. This is a show not to be missed!


We are very proud to announce the release of our new Live album and DVD!  Official Release is November 27th 2020.

As a band that comes into its own in the live setting, IT was delighted to have been invited to take part in the 8th ProgDreams Festival held at the Boerderij Cultuurpodium (Zoetermeer, Netherlands) in September 2019.

Now keen to build on the success of We’re All In This Together (2017), the band recorded the full concert to illustrate the power of their onstage performance.

Today sees the release of IT – Live at ProgDreams VIII in both digital and physical formats.

The album comes in both DVD/CD format, or if you prefer, a digital download. You can purchase here

Thanks for the continued support, and we look forward to seeing you in the near future on the road!



Hello folks! We’ve just returned from playing the Progdreams Festival in Holland at the first class venue Boerderij Cultuurpodium. The hospitality and crew there were the best I’ve ever experienced in all the years I’ve been playing live music. Arie Verstegen and his staff know how to do it right!

The lineups, the organization, the food and drink were all incredible. Above all, the crowd, people from all over were one of the best audiences we’ve ever had. Serious music listeners! From myself and the band, we’d like to thank you all for such an incredible experience. You are a shining example to the world on how it should be done.

We’d also like to thank Manuela Willems and The Dame for the introduction and sharing the experience with us. A big thanks to BJ (John Woodard) for accompanying us and helping with driving duties and merchandise sales. And of course Progressive Gears for the never ending hard work and support!

It is likely this will be the last of live gigs for IT this year, as our focus is now in the studio to bring you a lot of new music, whilst making extensive touring plans starting early next year. Stayed tuned folks.


The band are happy to announce a run of shows leading up to the end of the year!

Sept 1st, Progressive Gears Presents Quiet Wish, IT, Apostles of Chaos at The Star, Guilford!

Sept 23rd Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate / It / The Wood Demons at the Fiddlers Elbow, Camden

October 14th, IT and Edensong live at 229 Venue, London

Friday 7th December, Servants of Science/IT, Prince Albert, Trafalgar Street, Brighton

We hope you can make one (or all!) of these shows, and we look forward to seeing everyone out on the road!

Details, and ticket links can be found here!


We are pleased and proud to announce that we’ve been nominated for best Limelight
(up and coming) artist in this year’s Prog Rock Awards.

This is a huge achievement for us as a band and – we feel – recognition of the
impact of our recent album ‘We’re All In This Together’.

This nomination is also a recognition of everyone that has supported us: our label,
our visual artists, our families, our friends, and the bloggers, interviewers and radio
stations out there bringing our music to a wider audience.

Thanks also to Jerry Ewing and the Prog Mag team for their part in making the last
18 months some of the best in the land of IT.

We would love for that support to continue by as many of you as possible giving us
your vote via this link:

Winning this award would not only be a dream come true, but make real the chance
to bring our music to even more people

Thank you.