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It has been a busy busy few weeks surrounding the band, with many shows!  So I thought I would take the time do do a round up of the last few shows!

Starting off at The Rock Den, Hatfield.  To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect from this event, however Dean over at the venue was one of the first promoters to get back to me with any enthusiasm.  This show was with our good friends The Gift, and that is never a bad thing, so we agreed with an open mind.  I am glad we did, it was a great show, despite getting off to a shaky start with the opening act deciding to pull out at showtime!

A review of the show can be read here, and here is a brief run down:

“Saturday, February 24th saw Prog come to town at the Den in the guise of IT and The Gift. And what a gem of a gig it was too.
Opening proceedings, and making their debut at the Den, was London based IT (pronounced ‘it’). Wow! Not to sure where to start with this. ‘It’s Prog Jim but not as we know it.’ There were the obvious melodies associated with classic prog, but it combined this with a sort of doomy, metally, vibe. Even dreamlike in places. Excepting tracks, Standback, God is Dead and Departure (Departure 2009), the set focused on tracks from their stunning 2017 album ‘We’re All In This Together.’ While a sort of socio-political commentary on today’s world which, for the most part, has a dystopian feel, it paradoxically, leaves you feeling happy! Dulux would struggle to offer more shades of light and dark. Tracks, The Working Man, Last Chance, Gamble The Dream, Voices, House and the excellent Power and Revolution, have it all. Great vocals (Nick Jackson also guitar) catchy choruses, awesome guitar riffs (Andy Rowberry), powerful bass (Ricky Kinrade), clever, intelligent lyrics and all ably backed by Tom Ashcroft on drums. Even without Ryan McCaffrey on keyboards, this was an excellent set. The band has obviously worked hard on the production of this album and has managed to transfer its intensity to the stage. Considering the complexities of the album, not an easy task. The use of a backing track to assist in this was done to perfection. You could shut your eyes at times and almost feel you were listening through headphones while simultaneously having the ‘live feel’ course through every inch of your body. A powerful, stunning and highly addictive sound. This band should not be judged on a quick listen to the odd track online, but rather fully immersing yourself in their work. Better still, get out and see them live and stand in awe as the band grows on you quicker than a turbo-charged triffid. Fantastic.”

The following Sunday saw the band head down to The Talking Heads, Southampton.  Again, with the fantastic Gift gents, to play to an enthused crowd, at a venue that was a total first for us, but a great place! We will look forward to doing it all again there at some point!

Pictures from J6 Pix


Finally we hit London last week, with a headline show to remember at the 229 Club, with the fantastic Taikonaut and Servants Of Science!  Both supports were excellent, and full of enthusiasm despite it being a cold Wednesday night, and the audience left happy and excited.  It was great to meet so many new people, and so many friends!  We were also given an award from those lovely folk at The Wrinkly Rockers Club for our performance at  the Progtoberfest Show last October.  You can see their video from 229 below!



So this leaves just the last show of this current round, Fusion – A one-day celebration of music without boundaries on the 31st March.  This is looking to be a top class event, with excellent acts, including our new Label mates We have Apostles of Chaos and Quiet Wish, alongside the mighty GodsticksTickets here

So we hope to catch up with you all, and be sure to keep an eye out for more dates coming soon, you can always check our GIGS page for details!